Receive and Review Offers

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It’s time to receive offers and decide which one works best for you. Once you’ve chosen the best offer for you, we will negotiate the terms until we come to an agreement with the buyer. Then your home will be officially under contract (also called “in escrow” or “pending”).

Interested buyers will submit their offers via legal documents. Keep in mind that while you are the seller, a successful negotiation comes with a compromise on both sides. Make sure that the criteria that matter to you most are met, but also ensure that the other party is heard. Remember to disclose everything the buyer needs to know, ask questions for clarification, and meet halfway.

You can always count on me for expert advice. I will go through contingencies, legal documents, and other necessary information that you may need to ensure that you choose the best offer for your needs. It is my responsibility to represent your best interests and to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the result of the transaction.